My background and training is in Medical Aesthetics and Therapeutic Massage; however, I owe a lot of my 100% natural & organic interests to my grandmothers. They were all about natural health and beauty.

I want to share this message with the world, to do as much natural and pure as we can, to be gentle with our beautiful earth and to ourselves as much as possible.

My products are free of chemicals, preservatives and all those weird-name ingredients.

I actually started making recipes way back in 2001 when I got a hold of some recipe books for vintage creams, lotions and potions!  I had so much fun experimenting and learning about royals' beauty secrets, such as queens and princesses of history.


We want to go as natural and organic as we can

Hello, my name is Patricia and one of my biggest passions in life is to make artisanal creams, lotions and potions.

My star product is the Pit Balm, which is a totally natural and organic ingredient deodorant. I started making it around 2012 when I made some to a friend of mine that survived breast cancer and couldn't use regular deodorant.  When she tried it she raved about it and she said it was a "bionic deodorant" because it worked for 24 hours!!!  yeah!

I was over the moon about it, I knew it was a good deodorant but she insisted that I should make it available to other people as well. So that's how I started making the Pit Balm for others too!!